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Our volunteers are our number one asset

Volunteers fulfill many areas of the program such as horse leader, side walker, wrangler, gate keeper. Many volunteers chose to also assist with administrative tasks, fundraising and other special events. 

Horse Leaders- A horse leader's primary responsibility is the horse. The leader arrives 45 minutes before the rider to brush, tack and warm up the horse. This allows the horse leader to determine the attitude of the horse and helps both horse leader and horse to be comfortable with each other before the rider arrives. During the lesson, the horse leader leads the horse as they watch the body language of the horse to make sure the horse remains calm. Horse leader volunteers must be at least 16 years of age with horse experience. 

Side walkers- Side walkers get the most hands-on-duties in therapeutic riding. They are directly responsible for the rider. The sidewalkers walk on each side of the horse holding on to the rider.  Supporting the rider is the sidewalkers ultimate responsibility.  The sidewalker can also help the therapist or leader in assisting with the therapy while in the arena. The sidewalker's attitude and demeanor needs to be calm and confident so the rider will feel safe. Side walkers must be at least 16 years of age. 

Wranglers - Wranglers have the responsibility of stable management. Wranglers help maintain tack to make sure it is organized, clean and safe. Wranglers also make sure barn and stables are clean and that there is no obstacles in the breezeway that can harm the rider or horse. Wranglers are also are used by the horse leader to help tack up and brush horses before the rider arrives. Wranglers must be at least 13 years of age.

Gate Keeper- Gate keepers have the responsibility of opening and shutting gates as the rider enters and leaves the barn and arena. The gate keeper also assists the therapist in setting up the arena and being an aide during the therapy session. There are no age requirements for gate keepers. 

Administrative Helper- These volunteers do not have to be present during the riding session but help with scheduling other volunteers for the sessions and ensuring all paperwork is complete. Most tasks can be done over the phone or before the sessions. 

Special Event Coordinator- These volunteers are responsible for helping plan special events such as barbeques, horse shows and fundraisers. They coordinate other volunteers and form teams to support such events. We hope to have two events a year to showcase our riders, program and to promote community